c# Questions

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

21/01/10 to 28/01/10

c# Questions

1> State any five differences bet's a> c# & Java. b> c++ & Java

2> Wtrite a note on the characteristics of c#.

3> Write a note on name spaces with an example

4> Explain the structure of a c# program

5> Write a note on command line arguments

6> Explain multiple main method in detail

7> Write a note on data types

8> Write a short note on operators

9> Write a short note on conditional structures

10> Explain fall through in c#

11> Write a note on while and do-while

12> Explain the various forms of For statements

13> Explain the various access modifiers in detail

14> Explain the various types of Method parameters

15> Write a short note on system.Array class

16> Explain variable size arrays in etail

17> Explain ArrayList class in detail

18> Explain panams parameter with an example