How good are you in SQL?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

This is a simple online Quiz to test your knowledge in SQL.
Don't Worry. At the end you can see the result.
To Start the quiz, just click the below link.....
LET's see who will get 100 % Result!!!

Please send your screenshot to me, so that your name will appear on my site in Top Scorers List!!!
To Send a screenshot to me, CLICK HERE (please open this link in new window) and attach your screenshot. That's it!

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Sudarshan said...

i completed the quiz in 2 min 49 secs and got 47% result........

Sibz said...

Hi guyz!

I scored 100% in 2 min 7 sec .

Thanks alot for the quiz. Really nice! I enjoyed it.

I tried to attach the screen shot on your provided link but I think it is not working properly or taking time.

So i have sent a mail @ ( with subject : SQL QUIZ SCREEN SHOT

Hope you will consider it.

Sibtain Masih
AP College,
Grant Road,
Mumbai - 400 008